Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been without a computer for awhile. Since around Christmas. My laptop started doing funny little stunts and I banished it to my mom's. My mom is a nurse & a commputer tech. I wished her well and forgot about it.

Now, seeing as she works a full-time job and still has two of my siblings in school, it is an understatement to say she is busy.

And when she DID find time to tinker with the laptop, it wouldn't take my password. Or the other five I thought it could be. So until a free moment presents itself, I'm still relying on my phone for internet.

Updating a blog on said phone? Eh...herding turtles is easier. This keyboard likes to vanish, freeze, refuse to type, oh, and my personal favorite, add, subtract and change everything you type. I had to erase ten "extra" letters/punctuation marks just in that sentance.

Plus, allergy season is in full swing. I have laryngitis thanks to it. Been voiceless for five days now. Diva has been taking full advantage of it. I'm ready to sell her to the zoo.

I have tons of birth/doula related things to update...again, much easier when I have a keyboard and can type 70+ wpm.

I have lots of ideas that I'm itching to expand on. I'm trying to be patient. It's hard.